Your own 'look' to set you apart

As a working professional photographer for well over two decades, I started out shooting on black and white film and spent many a long day and night in the darkroom processing. 
This priceless introduction combined with a career in press photography trained me to work fast and really enjoy the photographic process which is mostly gone today. There has been a re-emergence i film which is good to see but digital well and truly rules. 
I've always disliked 'straight' colour as anyone can do it these days. You must have a point of difference and this is what I love when tweaking or processing images in really creative ways.
Funnily enough, there is a lot of cross over from the darkroom to the computor with the ability to produce some pretty amazing imagery via Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom of which both I use.
All the hours dodging and burning in the darkroom is a good grounding when working on digital files and this is what sets me apart in some ways. Below are some of my favourite treatments and I have quite a few more as well - that is too say you don't simply press a button and he presto. There is quite a lot of work in all of these portraits of Malcolm Beddows. He had booked for a corporate photography package but boy we had some fun as well creating a ton of cool images. One very satisfied customer!

beautiful black and white portrait