What is a Professional Headshot?
A headshot is a publicity photograph usually an approachable natural image normally smiling photographed in a studio with a neutral clean background. Focus is on the face.
Professional Corporate Headshots visually communicate a message & engage potential customers and are effectively used in digital & social media, Facebook, LinkedIn profiles about pages for corporate and business websites, personal & corporate branding, marketing campaigns, advertising and so much more.
Professional Actors Headshots are publicity photographs used by actors, entertainers & models as a marketing tool for casting. It is essentially a calling card for agents to find representation and one of the most important investments an actor or performer can make. It is critical to create that first impression or connection in the initial stages of any audition or casting with a captivating professional headshot.

What is a Professional Portrait?
Portrait Photography is the art of capturing a person's nuances and personality. A portrait is more intimate and compelling, evokes interest and emotionally connects. Every portrait tells a story, the eyes, face, mouth, body language, the lighting, the background convey affective consciousness. Portraits commonly appear in more creative environments such as magazine & other print media, about pages for creative people, blogs, etc.

What is Corporate Photography and why are Headshots so important?
In any business large or small one of the most important aspects of your business is your Brand and Brand Identity. First impressions DO count & Image IS everything
In a society where images are a key form of communication investment in high quality professional photography has never been more important in your businesses marketing goals and has shown to increase sales and overall perception of the value of your businesses goods or services.

Why use Headshot Factory? 
Is your imagery inspiring and engaging? How visually stimulating are you? Do you creatively communicate and connect?

·      George specialises in creating visual stimulation to give you an edge when promoting corporate & personalised branding, services and products.

·      George creates content that clearly communicates your message, emotionally connects your target prospects with your product and or service and confirms your credibility.

·      George delivers photographic visual content solutions above and beyond your expectations. 

·      George makes the whole process as quick & simple as possible, on time and on budget.

What is included in a quote:
Initial briefing, planning & production, professional photographer fees including public liability insurances, mobile studio set up & location fees, editing of images and file management,
(brightness, cropping, colour effects etc.), supply of images via Drop Box at high resolution (print) and low resolution (online), supply both colour and black & white images professional retouching – The images will look great but everyone needs little TLC! (Skin smoothing, removing hairs / unwanted items). 
George will professionally retouch your chosen image(s) to perfection!

Professional Hair & Make Up
We highly recommend professional hair and makeup particularly for women. It raises your profile to the next level keeping your natural beauty highlighting, skin hair and eyes - a must. Men can also benefit from a light touch up to help the skin look even and reduce the shine. Marnie Gerber is our resident Professional Make-Up Artist and passionate about make-up spending the last ten years working with commercial corporates as well as entertainment sectors. Make-up & hair styling can take up to an hour at an additional cost. On the day of the shoot you will need to arrive with dry, clean hair & skin free of all products except for moisturizer. 

Do you shoot inside or outside?
We shoot both indoors & outdoors. For corporate we generally shoot in the indoor studio with a choice of background including black, white or grey backdrops using both natural & studio lighting set-ups. Environmental portraits can be taken in our outside studio space using natural light that has a lovely quality giving a slightly more natural feel at times as well as studio lighting.

Can you take ¾ & full-length pictures?
Tight head shots, (shoulders up), looking straight to camera for direct eye contact works best, however, a 3/4 shot and/or full length is always a good option to have to convey your body type for casting purposes especially if you are going for a beach babe or muscle man look!

How long does a headshot session take?
Actor Headshot session with multiple set ups & clothing changes takes approximately one hour.
Corporate Headshot session takes up to 30 minutes. 
Hair & Make can takes up to an hour prior to your shoot
Editing of Images with George can take as long as it takes for you to decide on your final images.

How to book us?
Book on line via our website booking form. 
Or if urgent call George 0413 424 719 or Rachel 0431 809 209

How to pay?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFT or Cash on day of shoot.

Do you do location shoots?
Yes, we can shoot at a location of your choice for an additional fee. We also can suggest some fab locations.

What do I need to prepare or wear for my session?
You need to feel great so no late nights leading up to your shoot and keep hydrated. 
Prepare to have fun, enjoy the moment and just relax as you’re in good hands. George will simply direct how you look best in front of the camera.

For a Corporate Headshot
Core values reflect what is important to you and your organization. 
Professionalism & attention to detail is reflected in your attire, no ill-fitted shirts or jackets, make sure all tops and shirts are ironed and that jackets, trousers, dresses and skirts are pressed. Clothing reflects your values and personality and complements your corporate role. Professional, powerful and forward thinking? Approachable, friendly, helpful and fun? Creative, innovative & unique? Define in words how you want to be perceived.

For an Actors Headshot
Think about your casting types so you can brief George before the shoot and George can include the appropriate variety of poses, expressions and moods in your shoot. E.g. if you are casting for products, advertisers usually like warm, friendly and trustworthy people to sell their product.  
Wear clothes that make you feel both comfortable and fabulous, that reflect who you are or how you want to be portrayed.

Bring along:
Your thoughts!
George will discuss your thoughts prior to the shoot you can also show pictures or ideas on what you hope to achieve or would like to try.
• A variety of styles & looks include casual, professional, etc. 
• Clothing that emphasizes different casting options roles/characters
• Selections of tops, shirts & jackets in different colours and different necklines
• Include at least a simple black top/blouse and a denim shirt if that's your thing
• Keep to colours that suit your skin tone and eyes. 
• Darker clothes attract less attention and put the attention on your face and eyes
• Avoid logos or brands, big & busy prints
• Simple jewellery avoid large necklaces & earrings unless you want to be dramatic
• A good idea is to try different hairstyles during the session e.g. hair up, tied back or loose.
• For men the standard corporate look is a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie and casual business look include   a jacket and open dress or polo shirt  & shirt & tie
• Make sure your jacket and shirt fit you well. A poor fitting jacket or shirt will be obvious in the photos (especially around the neck)
• Bring a selection of jackets, shirts/tops, ties, at least one white and optional denim shirt, maybe a sweater
• For men you may want shaven and unshaven options in your shots consult with George and don’t forget to bring your shaver!
 •  A good idea is to arrive already dressed in your first outfit

What happens at a shoot?
It’s pretty laid back, you check out the studio while we put the kettle on and discuss your shoot. If you are having Hair & Make Up we discuss the brief, style, expressions, select clothing & set-up options best suited for your requirements during your hair and make up. 
Feel free to bring visual headshot ideas to communicate the looks & styles you are going for. 
Marnie will then complete your make-up and styling for your first set up and we start shooting.
Throughout the Shoot Marnie will adjust hair and lip colour accordingly.
George’s sense of humour is infectious so you’ll have lots of fun and he will direct you through your shoot to create natural stunning images it is what makes him one of Australia’s top portrait photographers. 

What’s next?
At the end of your photo shoot session, we invite you to go & have a coffee on us for 15-20 minutes.
During this time images will be pre-edited and after you return you can review & edit the entire shoot for your final selection.
George will help you pick your final selects and make sure you have chosen a selection to show your casting range for marketing your potential!
Final images are professionally retouched adjusting colour & contrast of each image.
If you prefer we can arrange a link to the lo-res pictures within 48 hours of the shoot for you and your agent to select final images.
All final high & low-resolution images including colour and black & white conversions are sent via Drop box for you to download. 
All up you receive 10x8" sized colour and black+white images and the lower resolution web friendly versions as well.

Do you review the photos during the shoot?
I usually don’t recommend reviewing images during a shoot. It tends to interrupt the natural flow and will make you self-conscious. We want you to remain relaxed and spontaneous. You will see images for editing once the shoot is complete. 

What’s your policy for deposits & rescheduling?
We only have limited sessions and therefore we kindly ask for full payment to secure your booking.
If you need to cancel and rebook we appreciate as much notice as possible so we can try and arrange another client to take your session. A cancellation fee may apply if we cannot re-book your session or if you decide to cancel your booking.