About George

"I blame my mother for my lifelong passion behind the lens. A Kodak brownie camera at the age of seven, and a National Geographic subscription at age 10 sealed my fate".

Nationally and internationally published and multiple award-winning photographer George Fetting has decades of experience shooting some of the world’s most famous faces amongst his many achievements. There is not much that George has not tackled. From seven star resorts and board headshots, to war torn Afghanistan and Warlords, the key to George’s success is his versatility and ability to bring the viewer into his images.

Today with many years of local and international experience behind him, George’s portfolio spans a wide range of genres ranging from corporate & celebrity portraits, editorial, travel, lifestyle, and interiors. He is currently rated as one of Sydney's best commercial and corporate photographers with a long list of large multinational clients.

With a career shooting images for a range of leading media outlets, George is experienced in all facets of the creative media and corporate industries having worked for a wide range of online media and print publications locally and internationally including full-time Senior Photographer positions at both Bauer Media (covering all magazines and print media) and the Sydney Morning Herald.

George has a knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary coming up with unique concepts, and turning intangibles into something concrete that connects with potential clients. George takes time to research commissions, develop and conceptualise briefs in conjunction with clients, scout ideal locations, secure talent where needed, co-ordinate production as well as complete all post-production to ensure that his final images are first class. As a result, George regularly receives commissions from across the globe and throughout Australia from a diverse range of clients.

One of George’s strengths is his relaxed and humorous personality that has the ability to quickly put you at ease and connect as if he’s known you a lifetime! 

“Photography is all about the light what it reveals, what it conceals"   George Fetting Photographer

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