"Thanks George so much for making me feel so relaxed today.  Standing in front of a camera is not a natural place for me but you and Rachel made me feel very comfortable.
I am super happy with the results and will be sure to recommend you to my network!"


Anne came to the HeadShot Factory studio to update her company website for a classic headshot or corporate portrait. Many of our shoots are typically for online profiles and you really need to look your best to convey a professional image. How many LinkedIn headshots have you seen that are appalling? It's very difficult to talk anyone seriously with a dodgy headshot.
Not so in Anne's case!


Tara Borg is an experienced Sydney actor who confessed she'd had previous headshots taken by a very expensive LA photographer and was literally in tears after the shoot. What seemed like a successful session only produced one real usable image for her portfolio. Sound familiar? 
I really do wish I had a dollar for every actor or corporate client who entered the HeadShot Factory studio and said "I hated my last headshots!" I actually love it - because it keeps me in business and shows what a really good product we create. I couldn't do it without great hair and makeup as well with Marnie Gerber our fave makeup artist.

 Beautiful professional actor headshots do get you work.

Beautiful professional actor headshots do get you work.


The importance of outstanding professional actor headshots cannot be under estimated. I've lost count of how many times an actor has arrived at my studio only to say how much they really didn't like their current headshots. This not only costs a lot money in reshoots, but more importantly can bypass you in even getting an audition in the first place - never mind landing the actual job itself.
DOP's and producers don't want to waste their valuable time so your first impression is paramount - a great professional headshot gets you a foot in the door the rest is up to you!
Dayra Mirishnikova recently came to the studio for her professional actor portfolio and was photographed with beautiful natural light setups, combined with pro hair and makeup and looks fabulous. What do you think?


Your own 'look' to set you apart

As a working professional photographer for well over two decades, I started out shooting on black and white film and spent many a long day and night in the darkroom processing. 
This priceless introduction combined with a career in press photography trained me to work fast and really enjoy the photographic process which is mostly gone today. There has been a re-emergence i film which is good to see but digital well and truly rules. 
I've always disliked 'straight' colour as anyone can do it these days. You must have a point of difference and this is what I love when tweaking or processing images in really creative ways.
Funnily enough, there is a lot of cross over from the darkroom to the computor with the ability to produce some pretty amazing imagery via Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom of which both I use.
All the hours dodging and burning in the darkroom is a good grounding when working on digital files and this is what sets me apart in some ways. Below are some of my favourite treatments and I have quite a few more as well - that is too say you don't simply press a button and he presto. There is quite a lot of work in all of these portraits of Malcolm Beddows. He had booked for a corporate photography package but boy we had some fun as well creating a ton of cool images. One very satisfied customer!

beautiful black and white portrait


George Fetting is considered one of Sydney's leading corporate and commercial photographers. His vast experience over many years makes him the go to photographer for industrial, corporate, commercial, architectural and features assignments locally and internationally.

George is one of Australia's Top Portrait Photographers and is the founder and driving force behind Headshot Factory. He is the guest judge for the 2017 National Photographic Portrait Prize held at the NPG in Canberra.
A career professional photographer with extensive experience in all facets of the media industry, George has worked for many years over multiple magazine titles including Harpers Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Top Gear, Belle, Good Weekend, Gourmet Traveller, Travel + Leisure to mention a few. Six of his portraits reside in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra with subjects such as Lee Lin Chin and David Gulpulil.

He is a previous winner of the $10,000 Olive Cotton Award for Portraiture and PDN World in Focus Human Condition Portrait and has been a finalist in the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize NPG London, Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, Head On Portrait Prize and the Josephine Uhlrick Memorial Portrait Prize. He was Australia’s top travel photographer 2008/2011 as voted by industry peers.
A definite highlight as he describes was the pressing of a collectable One Dollar coin with his portrait of Professor Fred Hollows by the Royal Australian Mint.

There have been so many interesting people whom George has had the privelige of shooting, many actors and celebrities but the majority of them have been normal just like you and me. So basically your in very good hands when you're in front of George's lens! 


I got the photos and have been strutting around like a supermodel ever since. They are so good! Thank you George! I’m so pleased with them! I’ve already recommended you to a friend and told him you work magic at HeadShot Factory.

best sydney photographer


corporate photographer sydney.jpg

Well it did look like Greg Norman had flown in direct form the US for his annual headshots but alas it was his doppelgänger! I have photographed some pretty amazing people over the years but sadly not Greg. If you're thinking how smooth he looks well he's actually wearing my shirt, tie and jacket! It was perfect fit and made him look a million bucks if I do any so myself! Certainly the best corporate photography on the day and some of the best portraits in the Sydney studio this month. It turned out to be Dr Adam Meredith from Spine and Health Clinics with amazing similarities. 


national portrait gallery
national portrait gallery

What a night, what an honour to have been invited to the National Portrait Gallery's 20th Years of Portraits Anniversary dinner in Canberra. Surrounded by former Prime Ministers, the Minister for the Arts, benefactors, donors and trustees. A lovely history of how the gallery got to where it is today. Rachel and I had a ball mixing with the other artists - four painters and photographers and I was was one of them! If only my parents were alive..... A definite career highlight and kid free!!

"Thank you, George! The photos are amazing!!! I love them."

"Thank you, George! The photos are amazing!!! I love them."
It really means a lot when I receive such lovely feedback from clients. Only this week Sandra Arps dropped in for a Corporate Photo shoot in our Sydney studio and she looks amazingly different in every setup that we shot on the day. Great outfits, fabulous hair and makeup by our fave gal Marnie Gerber only helped polish Sandra into a really gorgeous lady on the day. So photogenic! 


The delightful and beguiling Bianca Bonino who is the founder/actor of the stage company 'Fools in Progress' sat for me the our Leichhardt studio. The painterly light hints at time long gone..... I've done some post production in Lightroom and PhotoShop to achieve a look that Annie Leibovitz has made famous especially in her latest most fabulous book of portraits. A soft muted palette with flat blacks and desaturated colours. This portrait is a combination of natural light and a hair highlight just to give it some lift and separation. My new fave look!

sydney headshots Leichhardt inner west

Latest Corporate Photography Promotional GIF

Well folks I've been playing with Adobe PhotoShop and I think I'm getting the hang of producing what's called a GIF. Basically it's a little slide show that opens as soon you see it and keeps looping which is pretty cool. I've added several categories of photography which I specialise in here at the Headshot Factory studio. They include travel photography, food photography, interiors photography, portrait photography, fitness and features photography. Basically all my years in press and editorial features photography in a quick bite size promo!

corporate photography sydney.gif


Well I didn't win the Josephine Uhlrick and Win Schubert Photography Award 2017 but I sure did have fun going up to the Gold Coast for the opening night. Lee Lin Chin got some very good exposure for the show itself which sadly did not translate into a fat pay check!  She was allover the place..... from posters to billboards even on the menu for the evening!!

Josephine Uhlrick and Win Schubert
Lee Lin Chin